Class Rules

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on Sunday to talk about the following:
1.       Class rules and policies
2.       Practice and class discipline
3.       Program and competitions

Long e-mail, but wanted to make sure I adequately captured a recap of our discussions:

Class rules and policies:
·         Salwar or stretch material which will not impede movement and distract them
·         Bindis and Hair tied back
·         Bag with Dance book, water bottle and duppatta
·         I have asked them not to talk about other things in class, this tends to not only distract them but others who pay more attention to that discussion than to learn by watching. They are welcome to stay back 10 mins after the class to catch up on other things. –  Please emphasize this with the girls.

Practice and discipline:
·         Start every session with 5-10 min exercise to warm up- especially important in winter
·         Everyday for 20-45 mins depending on the levels (at least 2.5 to 4 hours cumulative per week, more if they are aiming higher)
·         Try to be in the class on time (I do understand there could be delays and appreciate you letting me know)
·         Write everything in the book, Audio and Video can be used as supplement but not a true substitute for learning the sollukattus and songs. One class per month will be devoted to learning to recite the adavus, songs and jathis.
·         Will continue to provide practice audio. Create an Adavu recording
·         Please maintain the practice calendar and send it with the students each week
·         Girls will be tested every quarter and a report card will be sent home

Programs and Competitions:
·         Will perform if practice is regular and dance is
·         Participate in competitions
·         School annual day
·         Attend programs – atleast 2 – 4 good ones yearly (by visiting and recognized artists) and as many in the local circuit including programs where we perform.
·         Parent volunteers to help organize and manage programs
·         Notify the class (using the mailing list) of any  and all upcoming recitals, maybe one or more parents can chaperone the girls

To showcase the girls’ talents, perform in competitions and celebrate annual days, it will be a great if parents can help with organization.

Since audio recording is a very expensive and involved process, it was suggested that we create a fund to pool money towards it. During each of my India trips, that fund will be used to record the requested items that can then be distributed appropriately.
Any other suggestions in this regard are welcome.

List of activities requiring volunteers:
Weekly practice calendar – Sumati
Recording the adavus (about 1-2 hours) and creating mp3s for distribution
Report card format – I will help with that as well
Organize parents to collectively work towards Annual day

Parent contact info will be shared with this distribution list, shortly. Keep me posted on any program or competition you hear about. Leads on programs that we can participate in, will be much appreciated (I know and appreciate that some of you already do this)

Let me know if I’ve missed noting anything else we discussed.

Thanks again.

Warm Regards,

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